TNEA random number | Tamilnadu Engineering Admissions 2016 | TNEA 2016 cutoff marks

Tamil Nadu Engineering Admissions – TNEA counselling happens every year in the month of June, for a period of one month up until July. Previously TNEA counselling had an entrance examination which was summed up with the +2 scores of Physics, Chemistry and Maths. It was later voted down and the students do not have the entrance exams any more. Now, many students have the same cut off score, making it very difficult in the single window system.

A system had to come in place, to overcome the difficulties, hence the establishment of the TNEA random number. The rules to apply TNEA random number is as follows:
  • If two students have the same aggregate marks, the student with the higher Maths score will have the higher rank
  • If the students have the same Maths marks, then the Physics mark will decide who will have the higher rank.
  • If the two students have the same Maths and Physics marks, Chemistry marks will decide on the higher rank.
  • If all the three marks are the same for the two students, then the last optional subject’s score will be considered to rank the students.
  • If the students have the same marks in all 4 subjects, then the older person gets the better ranking.
  • If the two students are tied up even on the date of birth, a 10 digit random number is then considered to break this tie. This is the TNEA random number.

The students can acquire the 10 digit TNEA random number while registering online for TNEA counselling. The TNEA random number can be generated through the link:

It is essential that the students generate the TNEA random number when they apply for TNEA counselling. The TNEA random number generation process is very unpredictable, hence the best method identified, so far. The TNEA random number is made transparent by publishing it in the TNEA web link.
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